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1759RE: Hammock Camping Fabric for Fly & Hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    Jun 16, 2003
      Remember that any vapor barrier, like tyvek, will cause excessive condensation if wraped completely around an occupied hammock--unless there is a lot of ventilation to prevent it.  A vapor barrier tarp 2-3' above the hammock generally handles the condensation just fine.  Waterproof-breatherable fabrics, like gore-tex used in bivy sacs can also be VERY problematic.  Vapor barriers wraped around the bottom and sides of a hammock will greatly increase the warmth while body moisture is carried upward and escapes.  Vapor barrier bags completely around one's body inside a sleeping bag or hammock are also extremely effective, but the trapped moisture is uncomfortable for most folks--this is a cold weather technique, not appropriate for summer temps. 
      Reflective silver colored ripstop could be useful: breatherable fabric for hammock bottoms (cool-cold temps), non-breatherable fabrics for vapor-barrier- bags (very cold temps). Would be interested hearing about your use of these...Ed
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      The main problem I'm having is the fly - from my experiments, I think
      I need a 8' x 10' diamond.  I'd like it to be as light as possible.
      www.pointnorth.co.uk have 150cm wide light ripstop for only 1.50
      stirling per metre - would that be suitable?  Also, has anyone tried
      using tyvek as a sort of 'blanket' instead of a fly?  Could be
      wrapped right around the hammock to make a tube tent.

      BTW, pointnorth also have silverised ripstop nylon - anyone ever used
      this stuff?

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