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17589Re: [Hammock Camping] sewing no-see-um question

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  • C C Wayah
    Jun 10, 2007
      You haven't worked with loose weaved fabric cut on the bis yet? where the
      fabric warps into strange shapes especially fabric like netting.
      Your not taping to hold the seams togeather for sewing your tapeing to keep
      the fabric from being shtretched out of shape or should I say deformed.
      Take a small piece of the netting and cut it diagionaly then give it a small
      tug diagionaly and you will see it curl up/or become miss shapened at times
      terrilby miss shapen then you will know.
      This is a entirely different proceedure than pre pinning two pieces of
      fabric toeather for sewing a seam.. It's stablizing fabric's shape before
      cutting and to keep it that way you pin the taped edges togeahter then sew
      through the tape.. After sewing you remove the tape adn cnage your needle or
      at least wipe the sticy stuff off the needle with a bit of sewing machine
      oil. Misht have to do this from tie to time while sewiing through tape.

      I haven't checked but I'd be willing to bet the local fabirc store has a
      remveable stabilings tape avaible for a hefty price..
      Yep, your right it's a pain in the derrier. Yikes more things to do.but
      worth doing before certain stretcy fabric's become unmanagable making your
      seams become strange.
      Beleive me wedding dress makers have a hard time with all the netted toole
      fabrics for veils and thoses funny poofy fluffly skirts.


      Easy to test go buy some very cheap wedding netting and cut it on the bias
      then try to keep it from warping while you sew the seams. Gets worse the
      longer the seam is.

      >I am confused on the tape thing.......why use tape?
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