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  • Rosalind Suit
    Jun 7, 2007

      Are you using a Spear-type hammock, or a Henessy? In the Henessy, one needs a pad in cold weather. Did you use a pad on the inside of your hammock, or were you directly on the hammock with the new SnugFit doing all the insulating from the cold? And, did you use a quilt inside your hammock, or a sleepingbag used like a quilt? If you don't need any inside-the-hammock pad with a SnugFit.....it looks like I may have found the answer to my prayers. Would love to see the size of the SnugFit inside its stuffsack....and it sitting on a scale to see the weight!! (Ed...such a picture might be a really good selling point if it's going to eliminate carrying a bulky, rolled-up pad. ;-) ).


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