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17571RE: [Hammock Camping] Quilt modifcations

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  • Stuhr, Tim
    Jun 7, 2007
      It was Just Jeff, here's his site with instructions.

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      Thankx for this great improvement in stuffing down.
      I'll remember it for next time I sew up dwn cover..
      > Hey C C Wayah
      > Someone on this list, I think, or some other MYOG site, suggested
      > using a vaccuum cleaner with some netting over one of the tubes. You
      > suck the down out of it's bag, shut off the vaccuum, remove the tube,
      > then blow the down into your project with your breath. This works
      > great and very little waste/mess. I used this method last year on a
      > down under quilt, and am sold on the procedure.
      > Ciao,
      > Trailsnail
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