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17570New SnugFit Question

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  • Ed Speer
    Jun 7 8:21 AM
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      Yeah, staying warm is the big challenge. And I now offer three outstanding
      solutions: the PeaPod, the SnugFit UnderQuilt, and the SPEs---and you get to
      choose which solution you prefer. The PeaPod's strength is efficiency of
      weight and volume as a total insulation package. The SnugFit's strength is
      in comfort, i.e. sleeping on more of a diagonal with no cold spots and being
      virtually adjustment free, particularly as you move around. The SPEs
      strengths are low-cost and multiple use of items already in your pack
      anyway. And then there are personal preferences, such as total weight &
      bulk, using with bugnets, hammock size, hammock types, and increasing warmth
      by using items like the Speer Top Blankets or the Speer SPE and pads in

      I'm just trying to be all inclusive and give hammockers plenty of choices to
      solve their individual needs. And I'm learning a lot from this List--you
      people rock! So keep the comments coming....Ed

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      Just thinking in terms of winter camping.

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