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17547Re: [Hammock Camping] Buried post depth

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  • Bruce W. Calkins
    Jun 4, 2007
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      > I'm going to be building a pergola out back and I might need to hang
      > from some of the posts.
      > So if I'm going to be burying a 4X4 post and filling with concrete,
      > will anything over a foot be plenty strong? The posts aren't going to
      > have to hold much weight in the way of lumber, so it's just the
      > strength for hammocking that I'm concerned about.
      > Any other advice?
      > Thanks
      > Scott

      It depends a little on the type of "soil". Here in the South with red clay
      to work with, a foot and concrete would be a bit shallow for hanging a
      hammock. Unless, you are hanging the hammock from inter-linked posts. Then
      a foot of depth might work O.K. Structure design is a key factor. As to
      hanging a hammock, over engineering is better.

      Bruce W.

      Black Wolfe