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17535Re: [Hammock Camping] Jungle Hammock / Hennessey Hammock

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  • ian toal
    Jun 1, 2007
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      I own a North American CJH and I definitely praise the hammock. I've been out in 3 degree (F) nights with it and have had to unzipped the weather shield because I was too hot. This was with a zero degree bag, a ground pad and the six pockets loosely stuffed with spare clothes. I've also been out in high winds in a February snow storm and woke up warm the next morning. The hammock with the under pockets is a great design although I would stress the need for a ground pad and I also used a reflective blanket. I was out one night that was very windy and since the night before was very mild, mid-twenties, I foolishly left the ground pad at home. Well, it got down to around five degrees that night, with out the wind chill (the average wind speed on Mount Washington was 55 mph) and I spent a cold night with a lot of turning. I also didn't have anything in the under pockets. All that said, I have not had to use an underquilt with the hammock so the extra weight of the
      hammock makes up for not having the quilt and the extra clothes I put in the pockets were ones that I would of carried anyway for winter camping. They don't need to be stuffed just lightly filled. On the trip in February I used zip lock bags and some pieces of fleece.

      As far as comfort goes, I haven't used an HH but every one who tried my CJH has not wanted to get out. I spend four nights in the winter using the CJH and looked forward to climbing in every night. I have strung the CJH tight on one overnight and it worked fine, the only problem was that I couldn't zip up the weather shield, the hammock does need a bit of a belly for that.

      The built in bug fly and weather shield are a great design and I found the set up to be very easy as well.

      If you want to know more let me know.



      hacktorious <hacktorious@...> wrote: I've read some great reviews about the Clark Jungle Hammock (CJH)
      (North American) on this message board and on others. I am
      considering getting one as a second hammock. I currently have a HH
      ultralite backpacker A-sym.

      I have heard of people taking the CJH down to 5 degrees without an
      under quilt, or pad. Does this thing really work? I am a skeptic.....lol

      I like the idea of not having to carry an under quilt, super shelter,
      or pad. I like how everything is one piece; I like the design of the
      CJH. Setup seems a bit simpler too. Though, it is slightly heavier.

      My only concern is comfort. Being a current HH owner, I have gotten
      spoiled with comfort and would hate to get a less comfortable hammock.
      I like that in the HH I can lay flat too.

      Has anyone in this forum used both the CJH and HH hammocks? If so,
      how would you compare the comfort levels to one another? Also, what
      is your opinion on the pocket system for warmth in the CJH? Any
      additional advice, or comments (good, or bad) are also welcomed. Thanks.

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