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17534Jungle Hammock / Hennessey Hammock

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  • hacktorious
    Jun 1, 2007
      I've read some great reviews about the Clark Jungle Hammock (CJH)
      (North American) on this message board and on others. I am
      considering getting one as a second hammock. I currently have a HH
      ultralite backpacker A-sym.

      I have heard of people taking the CJH down to 5 degrees without an
      under quilt, or pad. Does this thing really work? I am a skeptic.....lol

      I like the idea of not having to carry an under quilt, super shelter,
      or pad. I like how everything is one piece; I like the design of the
      CJH. Setup seems a bit simpler too. Though, it is slightly heavier.

      My only concern is comfort. Being a current HH owner, I have gotten
      spoiled with comfort and would hate to get a less comfortable hammock.
      I like that in the HH I can lay flat too.

      Has anyone in this forum used both the CJH and HH hammocks? If so,
      how would you compare the comfort levels to one another? Also, what
      is your opinion on the pocket system for warmth in the CJH? Any
      additional advice, or comments (good, or bad) are also welcomed. Thanks.
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