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17454Re: [Hammock Camping] My first hanging.

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  • cass-rjp@sulat.msuiit.edu.ph
    May 14, 2007
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      1. Buy or make an equipment hammock for your shoes and things. 2. If not, put
      your shoes inside a large ziplock bag, stuffsack, or any large plastic bag and
      hang it on your hammock suspension with a cord.
      Quoting mrbyer <mrbyer@...>:

      > I have finally gotten the chance to spend a weekend hanging. I spent a
      > long time reading and researching prior to taking the plunge. I am
      > really surprised it has taken me this long. Well it was a great
      > weekend, the weather dropped to the mid-high 30's and I was still
      > toasty warm. I am going again this weekend.
      > One question for the group, what do you do with your shoes to keep
      > them accessible, dry, and not so the creepy-crawlies can get in them?
      > mrb

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