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17423Re: [Hammock Camping] modified sleeping bag

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  • Coy
    May 8, 2007
      same here. The one thing I do miss using a bag as a quilt is being
      able to bend my knees as much when I want on my side. Whem on my
      back I can't get as diagional as befor but enough to get pretty
      flat. The bag kinda follows you as you move diagional. However, it
      is restricted in movement somewhat and dont bend as far as it would
      on a pad, thus the knee bend restriction. But leaving the pad at
      home is worth the trade off for me. Right now I am using a BA Lost
      Ranger and the dual core pad for the first time. Spent one night in
      my hammock and 2 on the ground so far (hiss.....) and it works
      great. A little tricky getting on the diagional in it too but I
      slept soundly all night long. I will have this info in a report for
      BGT soon and post a link.

      Coy Boy
      PS garizon, I saw your pic of the blue bag. If you could get one (a
      closeup) of the hood slit cut it would be great. I may try that on
      my Volt.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, gerzson <gerzson@...> wrote:
      > I do sleep in diagonal. The hammock is not expanded as if you sleep
      > normally, but my head is on one side of the hammock and my feet on
      > other. I sleep flat on the side usually.
      > gerzson
      > On 5/8/07, chcoa <jdeben@...> wrote:
      > > I''ve been using this method for two winters and I find I don't
      > > sleep as well because I'm not as able to sleep on the "diagonal".
      > > Does anyone else experience this and have you found a solution?
      > >
      > > Jamie in AZ

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