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17416Hammock for Boy Scout

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    May 7, 2007
      I'm partial to the Hennessy line-so much so that I help sell them. Ed Speer has a quality system. as well, so it is hard to go wrong with either line.

      If your requirements include the integrated bug netting and fly, go with the Hennessy. The Scout is a great model for a young person. Boys do not usually start out being gentle with gear. However, if your Scout does a lot of backpacking, he may be happier with a lighter model, such as the Backpacker Asym. It is a bit larger and significantly more expensive because it is made from more expensive materials. If you have some time before you NEED the hammock, keep and eye out for deals on used or demo hammocks. They pop up once in a while, sometimes even at the Hennessy site.

      Shoot me a personal E-mail if you want some ideas as to where to look for used hammocks.

      Best of luck!


      Hammock for Boy Scout
      Posted by: "Steve & Polly" stepol@...<mailto:stepol@...> stepol
      Date: Mon May 7, 2007 4:53 am ((PDT))

      We are looking for a hammock system for a Boy Scout to use camping and
      backpacking. It needs to include hanging system, rain cover, and
      insect netting. He wants to be able to use the money in his scout
      account to purchase it so we are looking for an inexpensive syatem but
      he also camps over 50 nights a year with the Boys Scouts so we need a
      good system for him. Last night he discovered Hennessy Hammocks and
      their Scout hammock system selling complete for $80. He is only 5 feet
      tall and 115 pound so I know the size will be okay. Is this a good
      system? What do you recommend?


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