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17407modified sleeping bag

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  • gerzson
    May 6, 2007

      Recently some of my working colleagues became interested in my hammock
      camping setup.
      I quickly fixed them with some Speer hammocks and went out a few times
      with them in the woods nearby.
      I am using the hammock through sleeping bag system so this is what I
      showed them.
      Some of them were so enthusiastic that next day they modified their
      sleeping bags making a 15cm cut in the hood and at the foot end so the
      hammock can pas through properly in the right spots. I have tried one
      of their modified bags and the increase in comfort was considerable.
      So last night was my first night in my modified sleeping bag. A minor
      modification with a great increase in comfort. No more cold spots at
      the shoulder.

      The cuts are made in the following way:
      First sew a long thin rectangle, then cut it in the middle along the long edge.
      Then reinforce the whole cut with another piece of ripstop bent over the cut.