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  • Ed Speer
    Apr 18, 2007
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      Glad you made it home safe Joe. That was quite the storm-extreme wind &
      cold lasted Sunday, Monday & Tuesday! You guys were very smart to stay off
      the trail. Here there are lots of wind damaged houses & some still without
      power due to down trees. We had only minor damage at home, but the yard is
      littered with tree limbs. It's a mess-I can't imagine what it must have
      been like on the trail..Ed

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      > I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones at Hot Springs. It
      > was neat to see all the home made gear and the ideas that folks are
      > working on. There were several impressive designs that folks had
      > worked out. I was particularly pleased that I didn't get flooded
      > from my spot by the river this year, despite opinions to the
      > I was getting even more worried when Tim moved from the edge of the
      > river Saturday and I did have a couple of trees picked out just in
      > case. <grin>
      > Brian, Joe and I struggled with what to do about the backpacking
      > Those guys came from Florida so it was a much more difficult
      > for them. I've always felt that these huge storm systems can be
      > threatening in the mountains or at least so unpleasant that you
      > wouldn't want to experience them and that you should realize that
      > you make decisions about whether to stay on the trail or get off of
      > it. We were in Franklin, NC and went to one of the motels that Ron
      > Haven operates. That one was full, his other one was about full and
      > Ron was on the mountain to bring other thru hikers down, so we
      > we didn't want to take up motel space since we had vehicles and
      > make other arrangements. They headed south to do some backpacking
      > south Georgia at Pine Mountain and maybe to hike some of the Florida
      > Trail while I retreated to my home outside of Atlanta.
      > Dave
      First, let me add my thanks to Ed and Karen for setting up another
      outstanding campout and agreeing with everyone else that it was a
      pleasure seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

      It was hard having to give up on our planned hike, but the few
      minutes spent filling the gas tank in the cold breeze in Franklin did
      make the decision a bit easier! Unfortunately, Brian and I discovered
      that camping on the Pine Mountain Trail required a permit which it
      was too late in the day to obtain. Plus, the wind and cold at the
      trailhead was not much of an improvement over North Carolina's
      weather, so we ended up spending the night at a motel before
      continuing on to Florida. We did get in a hike and couple of nights
      camping on the Econfina Creek portion of the Florida Trail.

      Note to anyone hiking this area in the near future: there was a fire
      a couple of days ago which left a portion of the trail with lots of
      burned vegetation on the ground. Plan on camping elsewhere if you are
      tent camping. Of course Brian and I didn't know about the fire before
      we were on the trail looking for a campsite and it was getting close
      to dark. Luckily we were able to just hang above it! Ain't hammocks

      Anyway, I am home safely with no frozen extremities left on the AT in
      North Carolina and Brian is on his way home and will hopefully be
      there safe and sound in a few more hours. Everyone stay safe and
      healthy so we can meet again at the next campout!

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