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17313RE: [SPAM] [Hammock Camping] SEHHA at hot springs

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  • tim garner
    Apr 10, 2007
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      ed... will you be bringing the orange tarp line? i'd like to get some for myself & some for a friend.
      also i was thinking maybe it mite not be a bad idea to extend the roof line on the speer shelter this trip since they are calling for a fairly good chance of rain, especially on sat. maybe we could attach a tarp to the cross poll on one or both sides, underneath the white canopy???
      or just have a large tarp lean to on one side of that shelter?
      when i used to take groups camping in a camp ground, i would run a rope between two large trees to support a large tarp (15 x 20??). we could put a couple picnic tables under it & have room to walk around.
      but just a thought. ...tim

      Ed Speer <ed@...> wrote: Good news Tim. We'll be looking for ya this weekend..Ed

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