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17311Re: weather shield vs. larger tarp

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  • farpost
    Apr 10, 2007
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      I agree with you entirely, esp. wrt to tradeoffs we have to make. Now,
      in the theme of multiple uses for our gear, have you considered making
      a weather shield tarp to also serve as a poncho/cape? Or, is that
      going too far?


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Womble" <dpwomble@...> wrote:
      > Scott,
      > It is tight that way but I usually leave that tarp open on the leeward
      > side for access and that gives me some room to work with. How much
      > room you have and where it is at depends on how everything is hung--
      > the hammock and the tarp, as well as the size of the tarp in relation
      > to the size of the hammock. I can usually set it up where I can get
      > on a diagonal without touching the tarp, but even if I am touching the
      > walls of the tarp I am much better off than not having the tarp to
      > block the wind at all.
      > Using a bigger tarp with more tie-outs alleviates that but there are
      > some things about that that you may not like either. I have used a
      > hammock tarptent before on several winter trips over the years. Setup
      > time and complexity, site selection and weight are the ones that come
      > to mind that you might not like. You might be surprised at the
      > difference weather and conditions make when you setup a more complex
      > structure. Often you have to do a lot of it with no gloves or very
      > light weight gloves and relatively simple task that you can do in
      > minutes in your backyard in nice conditions can become difficult and
      > time consuming tasks in foul weather. I always felt that on
      > backpacking trips the steep slopes on the leeward side in coves was
      > the best hammock sites in cold weather and the hammock tarptent I made
      > was more difficult to setup on steep sloped ground. And the slope
      > negated much of its advantage over the smaller tarp that you saw in
      > the picture. All the gear and equipment we use have trade offs, we
      > just have to decide which ones suit us best for the range of
      > conditions we expect.
      > Dave
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