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  • Christina Moon
    Jun 11, 2003
      "Rick" <geoflyfisher@...> wrote:
      I wonder how many people would spring for the hammock if it were not
      advertised with girls in it?

      Christina here:

      Well, Rick, it wasn't the girls <grins> that sold the hammock for me. It
      was the tie dye. I didn't expect to sleep in it, just lounge around.

      For sleeping I like my Byer of Maine Santiago, or my Mayan hammocks. I am
      also enjoying my Ecuadorian hammock that I also bought on eBay.

      Brandon, thanks for your thoughts. I did go ahead and thread the cord
      through the ends. Once hung I saw that there wouldn't be the stress on the
      edges that I had anticipated.

      Thanks all,


      Blessed Be the Peacemakers!

      May Blesswings of Peace n Love surround you!

      May your Mind be filled with Wisdom.
      May your Eyes be filled with Beauty.
      May your Soul be filled with Peace.
      May your Heart be filled with Love.
      May we ALL live in a State of Grace.
      Peace Be With You Always.
      ~~Christina Moon