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1724I need your suggestions......

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  • Christina Moon
    Jun 10, 2003
      I bought a tie-dye cotton hammock on eBay. It's a cute hammock, imported
      from Thailand, but probably not worth what the seller was charging ~ not an
      auction ~ I paid the *buy it now* price. It's 62 inches (5 ft. 1+ inch)
      wide by 96 inches (8 ft.) long. Each end is hemmed. It came with a nylon
      cord that is threaded through each end and then tied into loops. This is
      how it hangs.

      I know that the material at the hems is going to begin to wear as soon as
      the cord is threaded through it and it's hung with the weight of a person
      in it.

      My question is this ~~~ is there a better way to hang this hammock than
      what I just described?



      Blessed Be the Peacemakers!

      May Blesswings of Peace n Love surround you!

      May your Mind be filled with Wisdom.
      May your Eyes be filled with Beauty.
      May your Soul be filled with Peace.
      May your Heart be filled with Love.
      May we ALL live in a State of Grace.
      Peace Be With You Always.
      ~~Christina Moon
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