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17239Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: weather shield vs. larger tarp

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  • tim garner
    Apr 4, 2007
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      dave, is that tarp that is closed on the end just a rectangular tarp w/ extra tie outs a foot or so in from the corners?
      and that's not t-back brian is it? ..tim

      Dave Womble <dpwomble@...> wrote: Scott,

      It is my opinion that a rectangular shaped tarp provides more
      protection from wind, rain and bad weather than tarps that can be
      visualized as rectangular tarps with portions of the ends cut off, ie
      diamond shaped or hex shaped. These tarps trade off coverage and
      flexibility for lighter weight and a setup that sometimes requires
      less stakes and guylines.

      There is obviously a place for both maximum protection style tarps and
      minimum protection and middle protection tarps. The colder the
      weather the more important protection from the wind becomes, so in one
      sense you could make it a warm weather versus cold weather argument.
      On long trips without any other shelter you might appreciate more
      coverage when you have to live under a tarp in prolonged rains for
      cooking, changing clothes, etc. Rectangular tarps also provide much
      better rain and splash protection if you want to sleep on the ground
      with a tarp.

      A rectangular tarp with center tie-outs along the sides can be rigged
      similar to a diamond shaped tarp with one end or both ends partially
      closed off for wind protection. I've done that many times when I have
      been in exposed sites and the wind picked up on me. When I set up in a
      conventional A-frame, I had to get up and reposition two stakes to
      block off the wind coming at me from one end of the tarp; if I
      suspected the wind might come from that direction I just set my tarp
      up that way. This is a link to some photos of how I did this a month
      or so ago when I was expecting wind and snow at an exposed site-
      http://tinyurl.com/ys4hnb . You can't do that with diamond shaped or
      hex shaped tarps because that portion of the tarp simply isn't
      there... you have to rely on something else like WeatherShields or
      SuperShelters or some other scheme to make up for not having enough
      tarp to do the job. With that tarp, I can hang it high and wide to
      have an excellent view and ample rain protection from most rains or
      hang it low and tight to block off most winds and shed snow. You do
      want a steeper pitch to shed snow, it doesn't roll off like water. It
      has to slide off and if the pitch isn't steep enough it will get heavy
      enough to cause a tarp to droop and collect enough to cause a major
      problem with the weight of the snow.

      Dave Womble
      aka Youngblood 2000

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