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17237Re: [Hammock Camping] asym tarp

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  • tim garner
    Apr 4, 2007
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      ed speer has silnylon for $4.00 per yard. if you got 4 yards for each side (a total of 8 yards) the cost of the silnylon would be $32.00 + S & H.
      i like the guy line ed sells as good as any too.
      so after thread & a tube of silicon for seam sealing, i would think well under $50.00 if you wanted to go that route. ...tim

      Scott <hacktorious@...> wrote: Nice site, thanks.

      After doing a little research is seems to cost about the same to buy a tarp,
      or make your own. I cannot see paying $100+ for materials when I can buy a
      pre-made Mac tarp for $115. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places to buy
      materials. Any suggestions?

      Previously someone suggested Walmart, but the one in my area doesn't seem to
      carry anything. I tried G Street Fabrics near my place, but they don't have
      any labels on the rip-stop nylon so I don't know if it is 1.1, or 1.9, and
      either do the employees.


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