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17233Re: [Hammock Camping] weather shield vs. larger tarp

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Apr 4, 2007
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      Scott wrote:
      > I am looking for advice, or experiences. I am considering
      > making a large tarp for a few reasons.
      > 1) for the experience
      > 2) to protect my underquilt
      > 3) protect from wind, rain, bad weather

      I bought the tyvek for a double-rainbow ground cloth (US$10.00). I
      washed in a washing machine (cold water, no soap) the way Tarptent.com

      This piece of tyvek is the just right width for a
      weathershield-undercover for my Hemmessey hammock (Backpacker asym). I
      folded over about an inch on each end and threaded string through,
      poking the string through both layers about once every inch or so. It
      was hard work, either my needle was dull or tyvek really is tough. The
      purpose is to use the string to cinch up the tyvek in the same way a JRB
      nest cinches up. Both tyvek and nest can hang from the same
      micro-biners. The idea was to supply outside protection for the nest
      and hammock bottom. It is also to serve as a ground cloth for times I
      need to go to ground.

      So far I've not needed to use it. 1) So far it's not been cold enough
      to need the extra layer. 2) I can't figure out how to get in and out of
      the hammock with it. I do not find the nest and tyvek (or even nest
      alone) slide back in place after I'm in the hammock. My best solution
      is to put the tyvek drawstrings in the middle and cinch it up
      garlington-taco style and uncinch it when I want to get out.

      For breathability, I hear tyvek has a right and a wrong side, but can't
      remember which: logo side or non-logo side. For aesthetics, I want the
      logo side in (up).

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