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17232Re: [Hammock Camping] Studies

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Apr 4, 2007
      amendment2@... wrote:
      > Does anyone know of any studies done on tree damage from hammock
      > Short or long term?

      Nope, I'm monitoring the effects of one night's camping on Cryptomeria
      sp. The tree-huggers compacted the bark, which tends to be spongy,
      especially in the rain which was when I camped there. Half a year
      later, it is still easy to see where the tree-huggers had gripped the
      tree. Whether this damaged the tree, I don't know. I doubt most people
      would notice the effect. Probably the biggest effect was scraping moss
      off the tree, leaving a lighter-colored ring.

      Every time I return to the site, I snap a fresh set of pictures.

      So, the type of tree probably does matter. I doubt shag-bark hickories
      are good hammock trees...

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