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  • Rick
    Jun 10, 2003

      Below is a link that has a picture of the overhand knot - simplest of
      all knots. Also I included a link to a site with lots of nice
      pictures of different knots... but it does not work from this
      computer at this time. Looks pretty likely to be useful though:



      Am I a scientist? Well.. I am a generalist. Yes I have some
      scientific training and do research. That and being an aviator is
      what the Air Force is paying me for at the moment. I am also a
      licensed physician with two specialities, a shepherd, a kayaker, a
      hiker, a biker, an electical engineer, a musician who regularly plays
      two instruments on a weekly basis (Tuba and Bassoon - different
      nights for all you critics) and a sometimes irritating

      Unfortunately, I have problems keeping focused.

      The real reason I like anatomic measurement, Robi, is that I like
      thinking about things from lots of unusual perspectives; sort
      of "drawing outside the lines thinking" as our saying puts it.

      Of course, you know that; I camp hanging from trees.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, robi dawson <beanco@m...>
      > Rick,
      > you are a scientist, right? if so, i find it even more intriguing
      that you
      > like anatomic measurements....
      > all that about the inch was interesting.. i will see what i can
      find out
      > about the Hungarian... that grain of barley part sounds familiar
      for some
      > reason...
      > Robi
      > ps, i hope we are not boring anyone with this discussion...
      > oh. yea i have been meaning to ask what is an overhand knot? better
      > could you point me out to a knot site that might have it and other
      > cool/useful knots to learn?
      > thanks
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