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17177Re: [Hammock Camping] Materials for my next ZHammock

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  • Rick
    Mar 28, 2007
      Hi Thomas,

      The kite fabrics are often stiff and not very breathable. Before going
      that route, you may want to buy a small quantity or ask for a scrap be
      sent to you for evaluation.

      For the least expensive source for ripstop nylon, please check out Ed
      Speer's website. He is our host here. His 1.1 oz ripstop is $4.50 a
      yard and his 1.9 oz is $4.25 a yard and these are the best prices that I
      know of anywhere. I recently bought several yards of silnylon from him
      and got great personal service.


      Thomas Pond wrote:
      > I've been bitten by the hammock bug!
      > I bought a new HH and right after I bought it I joing this group. Which
      > quickly took me to Risk's website. WOW!
      > I was so excited I went out and bought some Ripstop nylon at a local
      > fabric shop. I used the ZHammock design but I only left two openings
      > between the two layers (they are on opposite corners so always on my
      > left when I wake up in the hammock). All in, I think that hammock came
      > to 2 lbs including the snake skins and 10 yards of Polyprop webbing. I
      > really like the design and I sewed it with no problems (well - I did
      > change course once to accomodate an errant line of stiching....).
      > With all that in mind, I have 3 questions:
      > 1. In looking for cheap lighter material, I came across $4.00 1.5 oz
      > ripstop nylon at KiteBuilders.com
      > <http://www.kitebuilder.com/catalog/index.php/cPath/24_108_128?osCsid=b1\
      > 466955028aab58c1e0cd7ba4f598d8> . Is this material ok for a hammock?
      > It's a lot cheaper than anything else I've seen.
      > 2. looking at OwareUSA.com <http://owareusa.com/> and saw that they
      > have Cuben Fiber scraps. the pieces are 9' long tapering from 12.5" to
      > 3". Is it a serious sign of my sickness that when I saw that I
      > imediately thought of (somewhat realistic looking) Cuben Fiber Snake
      > skins?
      > 3. For a tarp for my next hammock, I'm thinking of building a
      > SixMoonDesigns NightWing
      > <http://sixmoondesigns.com/ultralight/myo_NightWing.asp> sans bug
      > netting. This is really a long hex tarp with a catenary cuve sewn in
      > the ridge line. At 10' long on the ridge line, and the catenary design
      > I'm hoping I might find a nice quiet tarp to hang under - and if I need
      > to sleep on the ground, the tarp still looks easy to set up. Has anyone
      > used this tarp with a hammock?
      > Any feedback would be greatly apreciated.
      > Thank you!
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