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17173Materials for my next ZHammock

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  • Thomas Pond
    Mar 27, 2007
      I've been bitten by the hammock bug!

      I bought a new HH and right after I bought it I joing this group. Which
      quickly took me to Risk's website. WOW!

      I was so excited I went out and bought some Ripstop nylon at a local
      fabric shop. I used the ZHammock design but I only left two openings
      between the two layers (they are on opposite corners so always on my
      left when I wake up in the hammock). All in, I think that hammock came
      to 2 lbs including the snake skins and 10 yards of Polyprop webbing. I
      really like the design and I sewed it with no problems (well - I did
      change course once to accomodate an errant line of stiching....).

      With all that in mind, I have 3 questions:

      1. In looking for cheap lighter material, I came across $4.00 1.5 oz
      ripstop nylon at KiteBuilders.com
      466955028aab58c1e0cd7ba4f598d8> . Is this material ok for a hammock?
      It's a lot cheaper than anything else I've seen.
      2. looking at OwareUSA.com <http://owareusa.com/> and saw that they
      have Cuben Fiber scraps. the pieces are 9' long tapering from 12.5" to
      3". Is it a serious sign of my sickness that when I saw that I
      imediately thought of (somewhat realistic looking) Cuben Fiber Snake
      3. For a tarp for my next hammock, I'm thinking of building a
      SixMoonDesigns NightWing
      <http://sixmoondesigns.com/ultralight/myo_NightWing.asp> sans bug
      netting. This is really a long hex tarp with a catenary cuve sewn in
      the ridge line. At 10' long on the ridge line, and the catenary design
      I'm hoping I might find a nice quiet tarp to hang under - and if I need
      to sleep on the ground, the tarp still looks easy to set up. Has anyone
      used this tarp with a hammock?

      Any feedback would be greatly apreciated.

      Thank you!

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