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1714RE: Hammock Camping utterly amazed I am

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  • robi dawson
    Jun 10, 2003
      yeap Ed, dinner for one is a challenge, it just ain't fun cooking for yourself, and doing stuff that ain't fun is a real challenge for me...

      now baking pizza for 80 is daunting.. i have never done sg like this.. the most is bake 12 pizzas for school bake sales but that only takes sg like 2 kilos of flour, not 15 and i have never used the oven where we will be so this is going to be a bunch of firsts. i look forward to it...

      as for you trip report.. i had overlooked your original post on the trip when i wrote asking you about how it was... but at least i got to read two reports on the same trip, always interesting..

      as for the material, i am sure the book will have more than enough info, just i was hoping to get info on those materials ASAP so i could try and make a hammock for this 4 day kindergartner camp out, pizza, hike shebang... but if i do not, that is not a big deal .... i will have all the more time to deal with it after the bake...


      At 10:51 AM 6/10/03 -0400, you wrote:
      Pizza for 80 is quite an untaking Robi!  Hope it goes well.  And I think fixing dinner for one is a challenge!
      My hike was great--turned into more of an adventure than I expected. Heavy rains on day 2 & 3 really flooded the mountain streams and sent me on a detour. I did wade several streams up to my waist (normal crossings were only ankle deep), but wisely left the trail to avoid about 10 more upcoming crossings.  Still finished the 50 mile hike early.
      A hammock with a large tarp like mine is ideal for these conditions!
      As for suitable hammock fabrics, the book has some good suggestions....Ed
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      From: robi dawson [mailto:beanco@mail.tvnet.hu]
      Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 4:12 AM
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      Subject: Hammock Camping utterly amazed I am

      first, how was the hike?

      secondly, thank you for you kind letter! It always amazes me to see how
      friendly and helpful ppl can be when you approach them with an idea like
      mine. the list of donations you provided is utterly amazing.

      As for the book, no worries, when it gets here i will devour it and
      translate a summary of it for the teachers at the school.

      As for the materials i mentioned in my message below. i found a person who
      is interested in donating 3 meters of them, i.e. if ppl here can tell me
      enough about the quality then he will buy them for me. He is afraid of
      donating anything that may not be safe, which i find quite understandable.

      I thought I would ask on the list and if anybody knows about the material
      they could give me some advice, then i could use the stuff for a hammock
      with the kindergarten camping trip this coming weekend and show all those
      4-6 years olds how to live luxuriously while in the woods.... Get to make
      them pizza in the brick oven at the campsite, can't wait, baking for 80 ppl
      should be fun!

      Again, thanks everybody.


      PS. no need to worry about the measurements i use both the US and the
      metric regularly, for tempatures for instance i do not even bother with
      conversion charts i just estimate, same for km - miles or vice versa,
      kilos-pounds no problem... in fact i am so used to it i often forget to
      convert from one to the other when sending measurements to friends who use
      only one of the systems...

      But yes, i think the US should convert, the metric system is just so darn
      simple and logical, a stroke of genius if you ask me. But changing to
      different systems is not easy, hard for many to let go of the *old* way....
      which is understandable.

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