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17123Re: Blue pad blues, still

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  • chcoa
    Mar 18, 2007
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      Hi Mike,
      I agree, I'm hooked too. After having my own children I haven't
      been able to sleep on the ground very comfortably so the hammock was
      a dream for me.

      I hike with a few different groups and I always have people
      interested in the setup and those who think I'm crazy. In fact last
      time I was out, I had a very well meaning and loving couple give me
      an open invite to come and seek refuge in their RV when I became too
      cold during the night. They were convinced I was nuts and would be
      needing help before morning.

      That's neat you have helped some scouts convert. I'd love to say I
      have influenced a ground dweller but I dont' think I have. Kind of
      like using a tarp there is a little more know-ho and work so I think
      most people are content to stick with the easy old faithful tent.
      No complaints from me, then I don't have to compete for only two
      suitable trees. Ahhh AZ!!!

      Take care
      Jamie in AZ

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Swaine" <mswaine@...>
      > Jamie,
      > I encounter very few hangers in AZ, but then I'm an assistant
      Scoutmaster, backpacking once
      > a month, so I'm well insulated by 40-50 young scouters from other
      campers. They tend not
      > to camp nearby. Only one of my fellow adult campers has opted for
      a tree sling, but a few of
      > the kids have tried them out. When I set up at Geronimo I get all
      kinds of folks lurking,
      > curious about my Hennessey setup and several of the older Boy
      Scouts have day hammocks
      > for lounging at Scout Camp. I was hooked on hammocking the first
      time I tried one (slept
      > through the night) and have probably logged close to a hundred
      night hangin' to date. It's
      > the perfect resting place.
      > Regards, Mike
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