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17100Re: space blankets/condensation

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  • chcoa
    Mar 15, 2007
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      I'm jumping in a little late on this one but I have used my space
      blanket (bivy sack style) several times for extra warmth with fairly
      good results. I have used it between my clothed body and my CCF pad
      and under the hammock when testing the HH Supershelter, and I've
      used as it was ment, as a bivy where I was inside the blanket then
      inside my sleeping bag.

      Between me and the CCF results in moisture build up and although it
      did help a little I woke up a damp backside.

      Under me in the HH Supershelter, I didn't notice a difference.

      Me inside the blanket inside my sleeping bag added at least 5 to 8
      degrees of warmth. I was able to use a 45 F bag in 38 F weather.
      My outer layer of clothes were a little damp in the morning though.

      The bivy sack has vents at the feet so that helps a little when
      lying inside the bag.

      Jamie in AZ

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Jack Rowe" <jackrowe@...>
      > The space blankets do need an air space to work, any part you
      weren't actually touching would work but not areas making
      contact...I didn't know how crumbly they are, light enough to carry
      2+ but no fun making a lot of trash in the woods. If using as a
      vapor barrier it'd be inside insulation, but it would be a crumbly
      vapor barrier and anyway needs the air space to function best.
      > Next time I try it the blanket will be fixed to the underside of
      my over-tarp. IR reflectors are certainly very effective with a
      campfire, even using dull-finished logs and rocks.
      > Jack, NE New Mexico US 7,000 ft
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