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  • Rick
    Jun 10, 2003
      Hi Robi,

      Metric? English? Both are too limited.

      Actually, I wish we would all get back to anatomic measurements for
      things like hammocks and kayaks and clothing.

      See a previous message:


      It makes everything so much simpler to say that your hammock cloth
      needs to be a fathom and 3 forearms long and its cords need to be 2
      fathoms and a forearm long at each end.

      fathom: as far as you can pull a cord between your outstretched arms.
      2 fathoms is just about perfect distance between hammock trees...you
      can use 2 paces as well, but they are a little shorter than fathoms
      (a pace is two steps)

      forearm: from the elbow to the fleshy part of the thumb where you
      would hold a cord (fathom = 4 forearms) I make my hammocks 3
      forearms wide, while Ed suggests a foot wider.

      handspan: end of little finger to thumb when spread (forearm = 2
      hand spans) This is about how far the tarp should overlap the
      hammock at each end.

      fingerspan: spreading the index and second finger, outside of one to
      the outside of the other (two finger spans = one handspan) This is
      the best diameter for a hammock hanging tree.

      Then, the measurements are right for small and large people alike.

      The "english" system went crazy when someone tried to standardize the
      lengths. This was necessary for precision (like for machine parts)
      but we lost all collective memory about how to use our own bodies to
      measure things for ourselves.

      My practice is to use personal anatomic measurements and when
      necessary to convert them to some standard measurement. In the US,
      by the way, cloth and webbing measurements are not in inches or feet,
      but in yards. If I go into a fabric store and asks for 10 feet of
      ripstop nylon, the clerk looks at me like I am some sort of ignorant
      male. She will always stop and correct me... so you want 3 1/3
      yards? Is that correct??



      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, robi dawson <beanco@m...>
      > ed,
      > first, how was the hike?
      > secondly, thank you for you kind letter! It always amazes me to see
      > friendly and helpful ppl can be when you approach them with an idea
      > mine. the list of donations you provided is utterly amazing.
      > As for the book, no worries, when it gets here i will devour it and
      > translate a summary of it for the teachers at the school.
      > As for the materials i mentioned in my message below. i found a
      person who
      > is interested in donating 3 meters of them, i.e. if ppl here can
      tell me
      > enough about the quality then he will buy them for me. He is afraid
      > donating anything that may not be safe, which i find quite
      > I thought I would ask on the list and if anybody knows about the
      > they could give me some advice, then i could use the stuff for a
      > with the kindergarten camping trip this coming weekend and show all
      > 4-6 years olds how to live luxuriously while in the woods.... Get
      to make
      > them pizza in the brick oven at the campsite, can't wait, baking
      for 80 ppl
      > should be fun!
      > Again, thanks everybody.
      > Robi
      > PS. no need to worry about the measurements i use both the US and
      > metric regularly, for tempatures for instance i do not even bother
      > conversion charts i just estimate, same for km - miles or vice
      > kilos-pounds no problem... in fact i am so used to it i often
      forget to
      > convert from one to the other when sending measurements to friends
      who use
      > only one of the systems...
      > But yes, i think the US should convert, the metric system is just
      so darn
      > simple and logical, a stroke of genius if you ask me. But changing
      > different systems is not easy, hard for many to let go of the *old*
      > which is understandable.
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