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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Mar 8 3:02 AM
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      I've posted the photos on the HammockCamping site under 'How to tie a
      Lungi" More details are below.

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      Subject: Re: changing rooms - How to Tie a Lungi
      Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 11:12:52 +0800
      From: Cara Lin Bridgman <caralinb@...>
      To: Rosalind Suit <rosalind.suit@...>
      References: <002801c75e6a$ca6d6620$bc02fea9@rosalind9aa401>

      Hi Rosie,

      A lungi is a tube. Sarongs are rectangle cloths.

      The width of the tube can be whatever you want or need: 1.5 yards, 2
      yards, 2.5 yards. You adjust the width based on your own width. When I
      was in high school, 1.5 was plenty of room. Now, I prefer 2 yards.

      Length: The trick here is to find a bolt with the right pattern and the
      right width. Hemming adds time and weight. I like my lungis to be
      40-46 inches long. After I put them on and tie them up, they're just
      right. Too long and you trip over it and it's also unnecessary weight.
      Traditionally, however, they're supposed to go down to your ankles.

      I've not found good pictoral instructions. I got my husband to take a
      series of photos. Here is the description and I've noted which part
      fits which picture.

      How to tie it on: Step through (TyingALungi-01.JPG). Gather the top of
      the lungi into two rabbit ears (TyingALungi-02.JPG, TyingALungi-03.JPGm
      and TyingALungi-04.JPG). In front of you, looking down, it will look a
      little like this ---^^---, with the ^ being the rabbit ears. You'll
      know you've got the width of the lungi about right if your rabbit ears
      are 6-10 inches long (too short and they come undone, too long and it's
      a waste, waist, of cloth). If you've pulled out the rabbit ears right,
      the rest of the cloth should be against your waist (TyingALungi-04.JPG).
      Now, cross one rabbit ear over the other (TyingALungi-05.JPG) and
      twist (TyingALungi-06.JPG) the two tight against your waist
      (TyingALungi-07.JPG). I guess you could think about the rabbit ears
      doing a do-se-do as in contra and square dancing. The rabbit ears
      should end up on the side they started. Tuck them into the lungi and
      you're done (TyingALungi-08.JPG). Note, the knot is not tied. The knot
      is really a twist that's tucked in.

      The standard for Bangladeshi men is to wear the resulting knot full
      center (for good reasons...). I find it more attractive on women if the
      knot's worn off-center. The knot isn't a real knot, but if you've tied
      it snug against your waist, it holds well and makes for nice pleating
      down the length of the lungi. So, running, biking, and climbing trees
      are all possible in a lungi. If it starts to work loose, it's easy to
      pull the rabbit ears out and tighten them up again. In Bangladesh, the
      men use the rabbit ears for pockets.

      Being a tube, lungis can last longer than a sarong, especially if you
      rotate and flip the tube each time you wear it. My first few lungis
      gave way when I squatted down to pick something up and duct-tape on a
      lungi isn't very satisfactory.


      Rosalind Suit wrote:
      > Cara Lin,
      > I've tried googling lungi/longi to get an idea of how much material,
      > length and width, make up the item. I also wanted some pictorial
      > instruction on how to tie the thing. Any suggestions? I've saved your
      > description of how you change, but I'm not sure if it's a sewn tube of
      > material, or a rectangular cloth. thanks
      > Rosie/mdhiker
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