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170466.95 ounce Cuben Fiber Hammock

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Mar 7, 2007
      Ever since I bought my first yard of Cuben Fiber I have thought about using some for a
      Hammock. Since it looks like half or more of my AT Hike this year will be during the warm
      season and maybe also the rainy season I have decided to make a SUL Cuben Fiber
      Hammock and a new SUL Cuben Fiber Tarp.

      This is Cuben Fiber Hammock ver. 1.0. The Cuben Fiber I am using is just a little heavier
      than what I like. It has a true weighs of about 0.47 ounce per sq Yard. The Cuben Fiber
      for the Hammock weighs a total of 2.36 ounces. The fiber density of this material is very
      high so it should be more than strong enough. Time will answer that question.

      Weight to date:
      Cuben Fiber for the hammock body - 2.36 ounces
      The two pieces of black webbing and two small aluminum fittings - 0.85 ounces
      The white cord from the black webbing to the tree - 16 foot at 0.05 ounces per foot =
      0.85 ounces
      Tree Huggers - Speer Webbing - 2.89 ounces a pair

      Total Weight Hanging for ver 1.0 = 6.95 ounces

      I will be adding a bug net made out of some light weight silk mesh.