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17043RE: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Stand

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  • Stuhr, Tim
    Mar 5 5:51 AM
      I've been looking at them real hard lately. I agree with Tim that the
      Vario and the Jobek appear the best. Both are adjustable and break
      down. It appears that the Jobek will break down a little further than
      the Vario without tools. All the joints in the Jobek are held together
      by handscrews (including the removable feet). The feet on the Vario are
      held by a bolt than can be removed with wrenches if you need to pack it
      more compactly. I think I like the Vario better because the cross bars
      for the feet turn down on the ends and I believe it would be a little
      more stable on slightly uneven ground. The Jobek does come with wheels,
      but wheels can be ordered and put on the Vario. I'm ordering the Vario
      today and also ordering a set of wheels from a different dealer.

      Best price I've found for the Vario is $90.81 at

      The wheels and the Jobek can all be ordered from

      Tim Stuhr (stoikurt)

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      here's two hammock stands that others have & like. Vario & Jobek.
      try googling those names w/ hammock stand & you should find their
      web site. ..tim

      hallieandmarie <hallieandmarie@...> wrote:
      Hello All,

      I'm trying to find a good place to get a hammock stand.

      I have a hammock that I bought in Mexico that is great, however, it
      doesn't have the wood spreader bars and requires a LONG span to use it
      without touching the ground.

      Recently I found a used hammock with the wood spreader bars at a
      Habitat for Humanity store. I had to buy it!

      I'm going to take my hammocks with me on my RV trip to nap in and
      sometimes sleep under the stars. I'm sure I won't always find
      the "right" trees to hang my hammck from and I also don't want to
      injure the bark. I've seen hammock stands for sale but I don't want
      to spend an arm and a leg for it. Any suggestions?


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