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17023Re: [Hammock Camping] Beeswax

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  • ian toal
    Mar 1, 2007

      Yeah that is a regretfully good point...

      I'm just not sure if they'ld come for the wax, either way I'll switch to something else before spring if I can't find out for sure.



      Ralph Oborn <Ralph.oborn@...> wrote:
      Of course once I opened up the package of beeswax it smelt like honey and
      started me wondering... Would burning beeswax or beeswax candle attract
      bears?? Does anyone have any insight into this one? I'ld like to hear it
      before the spring...



      YES !

      If you can smell it, so can a bear, and from a lot further away. :]

      Ralph Oborn

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