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17005Sex in a Hammock!

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  • tory1942
    Feb 26, 2007
      For users of the Hennessy Hammock only:

      1. Significant other (female), acting as a Caucasian Feminist Goddess,
      deigns to have physical sex relations with a mere mortal.
      2. SO lies in the hammock, with her 'works' near the upper end of the
      entry slit.
      3. Man stands up in the hammock entry opening.
      4. Man drops his lower garments, and remains standing, with his 'works'
      covered by the hammock sides.
      5. Man inserts his tongue and/or membrum verilae into his SO, and goes
      to town.
      6. When the squealing, thrashing, shaking and groaning stops, the deed
      is done.
      7. Man reaches down, masthead's his pants, and slumps against whichever
      tree is closest.
      8. Goddess (SO) calls down from hammock, saying, "is that all there is?
      My boyfriend can stay hard for hours, you wimp."
      9. Man decides that solo, stealth camping has a lot to recommend it.

      Any questions?
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