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1698RE: Hammock Camping oops i forgot..

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  • Ed Speer
    Jun 9, 2003
      I've not seen a universally used system in the US for waterproofness.  But an accurate measurement like you mentioned is generally listed in the detailed specs for each fabric--unfortunately these specs are seldom given by merchants or manufacturers.  Waterproofness measurements seem more common on European fabrics.  I think 1000mm does mean resistance to a colume of water 1000mm high.  What is a good measurement I don't know--silnylon is NOT totally waterproof.  It is only resistant to water under low pressure, like falling or wind blown rain.  Silnylon will pass water under higher pressure, such as when it is in direct contact with water and a solid object, like your body lying on it on soaked ground.  Silnylon generally does not make a good ground cloth.  Some people report no problems with ground cloth use, but my experience is different.  Urethane-coated fabrics are more waterproof, but also are heavier.  Thus fabric waterproofness is a variable thing---it's a good thing to question it...Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping oops i forgot..

      ... i forgot to ask about water proofness of materials.

      How is the degree a material is waterproof represented in the US?

      here it's sg like:

      1000mm  up to 10 000mm but i do not know if that means mm/m2 or height of
      water from material or whatever, confusing but darn intersting if you ask me...


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