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16927Re: [Hammock Camping] Static Electricity in a hammock (makes my hair stand up)

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  • ian toal
    Feb 16, 2007
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      It's nice to see another person getting into hammock camping. I'm relatively new myself but have six nights of winter camping under my belt and am wondering what kind of camping do you plan on doing? And in what areas? That could help with recommending a hammock.



      bennybillygoat <bennybillygoat@...> wrote: I'm a fledgling hammock camper, doing a bit of research before
      buying/making my first serious hammock. I would greatly appreciate
      some feedback on a few things.
      For a start, I tried an eagles Nest nylon hammock in the shop recently
      (on one of those metal stands) and the static electricity was a bit
      disconcerting, all my hair stood up on end. Will this happen when
      connected to a tree? Is there a solution to this issue?
      Secondly, would a double hammock be comfy for two to sleep in or would
      two singles be better?
      That'll do for the moment,
      Thanks a lot, Ben

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