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16852Re: [Hammock Camping] portable hammock stand

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Feb 7, 2007
      When you say tee, you are really talking about a cross? Right?

      So at each end you have two legs going out crosswise horizontal at ground
      level and one "upright" going out at a 45° angle?


      Ralph (who used to do some plumbing) (and is confused)

      On 2/7/07, sakikugrr <sakikugrr@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I'm new to the scene, and enjoy the discussions.
      > re: portable hammock stand
      > ...my idea has worked for me when trees are scarce
      > ...it is portable, cheap, and assembles without tools
      > ...but, it's way too heavy for a hike
      > parts bought at home center...........
      > ....3 pipes ,,, all 3/4" and 10' long
      > ....2 "tee" pipe connections, 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/4"
      > ....2 street elbows 3/4" x 3/4"
      > (if you ever plan on setting up on hard surface,,, also buy an 8'
      > 2x4 , cut in half with two indents chisled or drilled partially
      > through near the ends for the legs to rest in so that they won't
      > slip-spread out on the pavement)
      > Hand tighten a tee on each end, (as an extension, not as a tee). Now
      > hand screw a street elbow into the end of each tee.
      > Hacksaw two pipes in half (or 4' lengths (that's what I use)) giving
      > you 4 legs and connect them to the 10' pipe. Use the legs against
      > each other to tighten up the fittings as tight as possible and leave
      > them assembled. Just unscrew the 4 legs for easy transport to an
      > area where trees are not available. It may look unstable, but,
      > excluding asteroids and elephant stampedes, it will hold up any 10'
      > hammock. If in doubt, you can always tie one end to a vehicle bumper.
      > If you really want some pics, email me and I'll be happy.
      > I expect to do some hiking/camping in northern nevada. Trees are
      > sometimes few and/or far between. We have some asteroids, but very
      > few elephants. Later, I'll hike some sections of the PCT.
      > scotty
      > BE MORE diminutive
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

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