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16851portable hammock stand

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  • sakikugrr
    Feb 7, 2007
      I'm new to the scene, and enjoy the discussions.

      re: portable hammock stand
      ...my idea has worked for me when trees are scarce
      ...it is portable, cheap, and assembles without tools
      ...but, it's way too heavy for a hike

      parts bought at home center...........
      ....3 pipes ,,, all 3/4" and 10' long
      ....2 "tee" pipe connections, 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/4"
      ....2 street elbows 3/4" x 3/4"
      (if you ever plan on setting up on hard surface,,, also buy an 8'
      2x4 , cut in half with two indents chisled or drilled partially
      through near the ends for the legs to rest in so that they won't
      slip-spread out on the pavement)

      Hand tighten a tee on each end, (as an extension, not as a tee). Now
      hand screw a street elbow into the end of each tee.

      Hacksaw two pipes in half (or 4' lengths (that's what I use)) giving
      you 4 legs and connect them to the 10' pipe. Use the legs against
      each other to tighten up the fittings as tight as possible and leave
      them assembled. Just unscrew the 4 legs for easy transport to an
      area where trees are not available. It may look unstable, but,
      excluding asteroids and elephant stampedes, it will hold up any 10'
      hammock. If in doubt, you can always tie one end to a vehicle bumper.

      If you really want some pics, email me and I'll be happy.

      I expect to do some hiking/camping in northern nevada. Trees are
      sometimes few and/or far between. We have some asteroids, but very
      few elephants. Later, I'll hike some sections of the PCT.


      BE MORE diminutive
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