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16834Nylon Taffeta fabric available in SE Asia

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  • renejosejpadro
    Feb 5, 2007
      I read in the archives that "Brindon_john" was asking for suitable
      materials for camping hammock in tropics. I lived in the Phillipines
      and have been making camping hammocks for several months now (speer
      type). The material i used for hammock body is nylon taffeta. It is
      not a "rip-stop" type. There are no reinforcing strands that are found
      in rip-stop nylon but you can remedy this by using two layers for your
      hammock.It's cheap, about PhP50 per meter@ 1.5m width (thats about 1
      usUS$). The material is quite strong, breathable, and does not stretch
      (if layered). Dries fast too. Ive seen a hammock using this materials
      (in camo color) being sold by a military contractor in the Island of
      Mindanao (remember the Abu Sayaff?). If it is of interest to anybody,
      the communist rebels in the philippines are using home made hammocks
      out of ricesack for many years now. A cheap waterproof/water repellent
      material for rainfly/tarp is also available known locally as
      waterproof tafetta. Usually this material comes in a solid color with
      silver or gray flipside (cheap, Php65 or US$1.10 per meter). Ive been
      using hammocks and rainfly made out of this material for many months
      now (even during tropical downpour)and found them strong and reliable
      for use in tropical climates.
      hope to hear from you!

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