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16811Hammock Failures

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  • Bill Thomas
    Feb 4, 2007
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      Thank you to all of the good ideas & info from the groups members.

      I need ideas on possible failure causes of 3 hammocks I made. The first
      one was made of 1.8 oz ripstop, second a Wally World $1/yd polyester
      muslin, and 3rd was of 1.2 ripstop nylon. All were based on Speer's
      design except instead of knotting the ends, they were gathered and
      frapped to form a loop as the HH hammocks are. The spectra suspension
      cord was tied to the loop. All of the failures were at the foot end of
      the hammocks from 10" to 2' from the end. What's puzzling is that the
      most use any of them had was about 10 nights, they weren't left exposed
      to the sum, and I always remove my shoes before laying down. They were
      stored in snakeskins inside. Currently I'm using a travel hammock with
      no problems but would like to resolve my failure problems to make my

      Bill T.
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