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16802Re: [Hammock Camping] I only need one more thing!

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  • newshutz
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Just the scarf alone worked ok. I only had some frost to brush off,
      which was a great improvement over the patch of ice. It was below 0F
      with a brisk wind, and was still toasty.

      I will look into the balaclava, and may continue to work on a snorkel
      hood as a sleep hat, but there is much less urgency.

      Next trip for me is next weekend (camping with the scouts for their
      Klondike derby), so I dont have to carry things far.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      > Newz,
      > Congrats. You did well. One item which works pretty well to decrease
      > condensation is a counter current moisture and warmth system for the
      > breath.
      > This can be as simple as several layers of a loose scarf which you
      > breath through, or (my favorite) the Psolar Balaclava
      > http://snipurl.com/18g2p
      > What happens in the breathing cycle is that the element of the
      Psolar or
      > the scarf fibers are cool. You breath into them with your warm moist
      > breath. They warm up and some of the water vapor condenses on them.
      > Then you breathe in. The cold air passes across all those fibers and
      > warms up, at the same time, the dry air is made more moist as it
      > evaporates the water off the fibers.
      > The simple scarf and even the Psolar element are not perfect, but they
      > do decrease the amount of water which freezes to the inside of my
      > pod.
      > In warmer weather, nearer to freezing, I usually just keep the travel
      > pod closed. The section near my mouth gets moist, but it evaporates
      > the outer surface well enough.
      > Rick
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