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16767Re: [Hammock Camping] I only need one more thing!

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  • ian toal
    Jan 26, 2007
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      Thanks, I was really psyched to be out and warm all for three nights and really loved waking up to fresh snow every morning. I'm planning on going out again in a few weeks so I'll try your suggestion. Either way, ice or no, I'm definitely hooked on winter hammocking and can't wait to use my hammock year round.



      Rick <ra1@...> wrote: Newz,

      Congrats. You did well. One item which works pretty well to decrease
      condensation is a counter current moisture and warmth system for the

      This can be as simple as several layers of a loose scarf which you
      breath through, or (my favorite) the Psolar Balaclava


      What happens in the breathing cycle is that the element of the Psolar or
      the scarf fibers are cool. You breath into them with your warm moist
      breath. They warm up and some of the water vapor condenses on them.
      Then you breathe in. The cold air passes across all those fibers and
      warms up, at the same time, the dry air is made more moist as it
      evaporates the water off the fibers.

      The simple scarf and even the Psolar element are not perfect, but they
      do decrease the amount of water which freezes to the inside of my travel

      In warmer weather, nearer to freezing, I usually just keep the travel
      pod closed. The section near my mouth gets moist, but it evaporates off
      the outer surface well enough.


      newshutz wrote:
      > Till the next problem :)
      > I just tried out my latest attempt at a cold weather setup.
      > I was very snug at zero F.
      > All of the gear was homemade. I had a travel pod (ala Risk) with a bag
      > of feathers inside. I had a two layer hammock with a 3/8 pad in
      > between. I used two quilts, each with 6oz primloft. one was draped
      > outside the hammock, so there was no compression of the loft by my
      > elbows. I was wearing a set of thermals, and some nice wool socks.
      > On my head was a balaclava and the hood of my parka, because I have
      > not made a sleep hat yet.
      > Now, my problem is too much condensation on the outer quilt. While I
      > slept, my head slipped inside the travel pod, and I awoke to a nice
      > little patch of ice under my chin.
      > I was thinking I might be able to fix this with a properly designed
      > sleep hat. Perhaps one inspired by the hood of a snorkel parka?
      > Any suggestions for a fix, or a source for a snorkel hood pattern?
      > Thanks,
      > Newz
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