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16750Re: [Hammock Camping] I only need one more thing!

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  • ian toal
    Jan 26, 2007
      Hey Newz,

      If you come up with any good ideas for an ice free night let me know. I just spent three nights hammock camping in 3 to 7 degrees and the only problem I had was the condensation build up.



      newshutz <newshutz@...> wrote:
      Till the next problem :)

      I just tried out my latest attempt at a cold weather setup.

      I was very snug at zero F.

      All of the gear was homemade. I had a travel pod (ala Risk) with a bag
      of feathers inside. I had a two layer hammock with a 3/8 pad in
      between. I used two quilts, each with 6oz primloft. one was draped
      outside the hammock, so there was no compression of the loft by my
      elbows. I was wearing a set of thermals, and some nice wool socks.

      On my head was a balaclava and the hood of my parka, because I have
      not made a sleep hat yet.

      Now, my problem is too much condensation on the outer quilt. While I
      slept, my head slipped inside the travel pod, and I awoke to a nice
      little patch of ice under my chin.

      I was thinking I might be able to fix this with a properly designed
      sleep hat. Perhaps one inspired by the hood of a snorkel parka?

      Any suggestions for a fix, or a source for a snorkel hood pattern?


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