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16722Re: dayhike Sunday

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  • marta_clark
    Jan 21, 2007
      Thanks, Ed. I have talked to Snapshot a couple of times since I
      finished--Friday was his 26th birthday--and he's chillin' at home,
      putting off going back to work.

      He is interested in hammocking. You'll probably be hearing from him
      when he gets back to work and starts making some money again.

      We didn't get snowed in in CO. Sadly, most of the snow was missing the
      mountains and falling on the plains to the east. That is so wrong. I
      did pick up a guidebook to the Colorado Trail while I was there...


      PS--The hike in the mountains is off for today because of the predicted
      freezing rain, etc. I'm going to Crowder Mtn. SP instead, planning an
      18-miler (around everything twice), weather permitting.

      PPS--I got my new special licence plate this week. My plate now
      reads "SOBO-AT." How cool is that?
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