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16719Earth anchors

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  • tory1942
    Jan 20, 2007
      There are a lot of areas in North America that are essentially
      treeless, and even rockless. I used to live in West Texas and New
      Mexico, and can verify this. Not a pole, tree, post or anything
      similar--just sagebrush and mesquite as far as the eye can see, and
      night coming on.

      I've looked at Risk's 1-pole hammock, but that still requires a "tree"
      or two. At your suggestion, though, I also looked over Youngblood's
      chart of strains on the hammock lines, and agree that tentstakes and
      similar would be useless to hold against the static/dynamic loads of a
      typical hammock.

      Also realizing that the following would be at odds with an Ultralight
      camping orientation, has anyone had any thoughts--or practical experim
      ents--on using two collapsible poles (perhaps with a crushed soda/beer
      can underneath each) and SCREW-IN EARTH ANCHORS? I researched several,
      with rated withdrawl pulls in the 1300 lb. range, in average soil
      (better in the Texas hardpan).

      Anyone want to wade in with opinion or experience?
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