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16697Re: Very tall man

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  • terry_and_pearl
    Jan 8, 2007
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      Polyester webbing works really great. Very little to no stretch and
      doesn't abrade or absorb water like nylon. Don't get the real thick
      stuff. Also, the polyester webbing works as your tree hugger as well
      as the suspension. Form the webbing into a giant loop and girth hitch
      to the tree with the free end hooked into the carabiner and then
      tighten with a double ring buckle. In this manner you will have 2
      lengths of webbing suspending the hammock from the tree, each with
      half the load.

      A double ring buckle works very good. As good as a cam buckle to
      tighten. A little trickier to loosen, but once you learn the trick it
      is easy and simple to loosen also. Also, the double ring buckle will
      be a lot stronger than the cam buckle and won't have any abrasive
      effect on the webbing like a cam buckle could.

      I use 1,000 lb, 1" polyester webbing. These from Harbor Frieght:


      work really great. Cut off the cam buckle and sew another loop in its
      place with 2 rings in the loop.

      I use the SMC descending rings. They're AL with a very high rated
      capacity, light and cheap (about $2.50 each, you will need 4):


      Using these, a double ring buckle will weigh only about 0.8 oz - good
      even for those that watch their weight and the webbing is very light also.
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