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16694Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Very tall man

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  • Keith YOung
    Jan 8, 2007
      Hi, Sandy,

      I bought a 50' package of 100# test polypropylene soft rope from Sears, then cut that length in half, seal/melting the ends with a flame.

      However, look at the other posts on the topic of "very tall man." It seems that the strains on the lines is much more than I'd anticipated. Handing a hammock (indoors) with a sag of about 30 deg. seems best, but the strains on EACH rope are at least equal to my weight (a bit less than 300 lbs. -- which is in proportion to my height at 6' 8"). Figure out the strtains, based on your own weight. Look up Youngblood's chart, at the files part of this Yahoo Club.

      I've doubled each rope, but am now looking at woven polyester strapping tape (possibly tubular), "MuleTape" or climber's rope, with a test strength of about 800 to 1200 lbs. range.

      I don't have to pay quite so much attention to ultralight philosophy, since I'll be on my motor scooter (but, at 650cc's, it's a "fire-breathing, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing" scooter), and it will carry the weight for me. If the temperature drops down close to 50 deg F., it's a motel for sure.

      Since I'm inside, and in the spare upstairs bedroom this winter, I've drilled out holes in 90-year-old red oak studs, put in screw-eyes with a twist bar and also placed a bunch of cushions and pillows under me, until I get this right.

      Sandy Kramer <sandykayak@...> wrote:

      i ordered the double treklight...what is the recommended length of
      rope ... total to purchase?? (then cut in half)

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Keith YOung <tory1942@...> wrote:
      > I did have to buy my own rope for the hammock, so I went to Sears,
      and bought some 100-lb. test polypropylene reduced-stretch soft rope,
      and burned the ends to prevent un-raveling. I figured that doubling
      this rope on each end would give me a 400-lb. strength, more than
      enough to cover my near 300-lb weight (remembering that I'm 6' 8").
      Seems to work. I use the carabiners to clip the rope end to the "S"-
      hook on the end of the hammock.

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