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16688Re: Hammock Campout--Springer Mtn, GA Dec 31, 2006

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  • Dave Womble
    Jan 8, 2007
      Sorry all that happened Rosie, especially the folks messing with your
      hammock. I have always gotten far away from the shelter at NYE and
      was thinking I had made a mistake doing that this year because the
      fog made it difficult to find my way to my hammock setup even with my
      1 watt led light. However when I heard the commotion around midnight
      I realized I had made the right choice as it sounded like a fight
      might be breaking out. Some years it is pretty quiet up there on
      NYE, some years there is celebration at midnight and then there was
      this year. This year is not typical of what I have seen (but I don't
      stay in the shelter) and I hope we don't have such inconsiderate
      folks again, they did seem to run the folks out of the shelter that
      were already setup there. I was shocked when I saw folks smoking
      inside the shelter in the afternoon, especially with other people in
      the shelter. In the morning they where smoking cigars inside the
      shelter and they had girl friends with them. I just shook my head
      when I walked up and saw that, mumbled something at them and left.

      Were you able to stay dry during the heavy rains? I did okay with
      the rain when I was under my tarp but the fog blew under my tarp and
      wet everything a little. I was thankful for the DWR finish on my
      sleeping bag and hammock that made that only an annoyance, all of
      that had dryed off by morning. That was some pretty severe rain and
      if you stayed dry in that then you have the rain stuff pretty much
      under control. I think we had about 2 inches of rain during the
      afternoon and another couple of inches during the early evening with
      some pretty good wind bursts.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rosalind Suit"
      <rosalind.suit@...> wrote:
      > Just returned to Maryland from Dahlonega....but wanted to post
      greetings to those of you hammock hangers whom I met there...Ed and
      Karen (for the second time), Youngblood, and Suess....sorry not to
      have had more time to converse and visit and learn more. As someone
      said, it was more than enough in all that rain and air-moisture to
      get oneself fed, and into something somewhat dry to sleep in....and I
      was abed by 9. The 3 SOBO's were deep into celebration---and all was
      fine until the after midnight party arrived and wanted to swing
      hammocks after begging at shelter and tents for alcohol, MJ, or
      drugs.....I had to get out of a swinging bed and confront them before
      I could reset my stakes for the flapping rainfly. Not a nice
      beginning to the new year....except, being there at all was
      wonderful. Got down to the parking lot about 10 AM....wonderful
      sunshine. There I saw Hikernutt and Tim, whom I met at the shelter
      the day before, but who decamped late at night to their vehicle from
      all the noise/confusion of the celebrators. They, Hikernutt and
      Tim, blessings on them, were headed back up to the shelter from the
      parking lot with trash bags to pick up....knowing that the night's
      festivities had left a sight not-to-behold-with-smiles. Thanks,
      Hikernutt and Tim. As for the rest of the day, I spent it drying
      out at my sister's in Dahlonega, never thinking that the 9AM
      breakfast at Smith House would be continuing when I rolled into town
      about 11. Another year !! Smith House is a fine place. One of
      these days I'll make a spring campout?? Still have hammock issues to
      solve. But it's a wonderful night's sleep. Thinking about heading
      up to the PA Ruck....
      > Rosie
      > mdhiker
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