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  • tory1942
    Jan 6, 2007
      Following up a post of some time ago, I went to the Mule Tape site
      www.muletape.com . At the end of the home page, there was a link to the
      MuleKnot. This looks to be a knot-version of a short splice. Ordinary
      bowlines and joinings reduce the strength of rope by up to 60%. I
      don't know about un-tying, but it would appear that the final two
      insertions of rope ends could be made with a loop, to allow a one
      strong pull un-tie.

      Getting short lengths of Muletape will be a challenge, though, as their
      minimum orders are for 3000'. Perhaps I can secure some surplus,
      somewhere. Test strengths of 900-1200 lbs. are in the middle of their
      polyester-tape range.

      Since I'm the 'Very Tall Guy' of recent posts, and thus--though in
      proportion--pretty heavy, I've been warned about the extreme stresses
      that I'll likely impose on conventional knots and ropes. Thus, I'm
      looking for alternatives to the conventional.
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