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  • David Elliott
    Jan 6, 2007
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      If you use hollow-braid rope, splices are easily adjustable. They're also
      the easiest splices to make - you're just doubling the end back and running
      it through the center cavity of the rope for 6 inches or so and back out
      again. When there's tension on the splice it doesn't budge (like a Chinese
      finger trap), but when you take the tension off you can slide the rope
      either way, making the loop larger or smaller. I put the splice at least 6
      feet from the end of the rope and close to the end that attaches to the
      hammock. That way my end loop can be adjusted to short (3 inches) or long
      (3 feet) or anywhere in between. This is easily done after the hammock is
      put up as long as nobody is in it. Try it with cheap polypropylene rope
      first (make sure it's strong enough), but if you're like me and value
      compactness in addition to light weight you'll switch to spectra. Wakeboard
      rope (1500 lb.+ test?) is fine, but I recently got some Amsteel 7/64" rope
      (1200 lb. test) which packs up very small. One caveat: it is so thin that
      it doesn't look strong enough to hold you. I've had two humans and a dog in
      my hammock, but it took some persuading to get the second human in. You can
      make a splicing tool from a piece of stiff wire, doubled. Reach through the
      center of the rope and pull a loop of string through, then use the string to
      pull the rope back the other way.

      From photos to predictions, The MSN Entertainment Guide to Golden Globes has
      it all. http://tv.msn.com/tv/globes2007/?icid=nctagline1
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