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16680Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Very tall man

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  • Brian Neeley
    Jan 5, 2007
      Ralph Oborn <Ralph.oborn@...> wrote: I did have to buy my own rope for the hammock, so I went to Sears, and
      bought some 100-lb. test polypropylene reduced-stretch soft rope,

      I figured that doubling this rope on each
      end would give me a 400-lb. strength, more than enough to cover my near
      300-lb weight (remembering that I'm 6' 8"). Seems to work. I use the
      carabiners to clip the rope end to the "S"-hook on the end of the hammock.


      One other thing to consider, ANY knot (or more specifically, bend) that you put in your rope will reduce its strength. A good old square knot reduces the breaking strength by HALF. A clove hitch is much better, reducing the strength by (I forget exactly), say 10 - 20%. Splices are great, only reducing strength by about 5%. But splices aren't easy, and they are permanent (but maybe that is what you want...).
      Basically, any time you bend your rope double, you halve your strength.
      So, like someone else said, buy harness strapping. That should be plenty strong enough; and then it's a simple matter to use some of the clips or buckles some people love so much.
      Sorry, I don't know anything about those buckles, I've never used 'em. I haven't even tied my hammock up since early in the spring :(.


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